Should your firm have an INTRAnet?

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By Ryan Williams, - Firm Intranet's have been around for a long time. However, nowadays they are easier to create than ever. Using Microsoft's SharePoint, businesses can create and manage an Intranet with relative ease.

So why should firms consider creating an Intranet? The short answer is dissemination of information. We use our Intranet to disseminate information such as:

• Firm announcements
• Our event calendar
• Policy and procedure documents
• Insurance information
• Training class schedules
• Our company directory
• Links to frequently accessed websites
• An online discussion forum
• And, our firm knowledgebase where we store all of our "how-to" manuals

This is just a sampling of what an Intranet can be used for. If you want to take things a step further you can use an Intranet as a full blown document management system or an online forms routing and approval system or you can display real-time information from your firm's management systems such as accounts receivable, work in progress, or even vacation days remaining for each employee based on login. The possibilities are endless.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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