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Gale Crosley's new book "At The Crossroads" hones in on major decisions, albeit not to the purported level of Robert Johnson's, but crossroads types of issues nonetheless. This tale of a fictitious Minneapolis accounting firm brought back so many memories of working in an accounting firm that I found myself smiling, nodding my head in agreement, and chuckling throughout the text. Crosley really nailed it, matching each personality type with real live people who exist in firms all over the nation.

At the Crossroads: The Remarkable CPA Firm that Nearly Crashed, then Soared
by Gale Crosley, CPAJoe Abriola has a problem—a big problem. Managing partner of a prosperous Minneapolis CPA firm, Joe has just learned that his partners are on the verge of mutiny. Why are they so upset? It's him!—or, rather, it's the way he's let their practice slide into complacency. Why are other CPA firms growing so fast when theirs isn't?

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