Seven deadly sins of social media

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Social media offers you extensive opportunities to promote your business, but CheapAccounting founder Elaine Clark says you need to be careful. With increasing use of social media comes the increased risk of committing one of the seven deadly sins.

Too often I see posts on Twitter, blogs, or forums that are antagonistic, overly opinionated, inaccurate and just plain rude!
In fact some of these are from qualified accountants who seem to have forgotten that professional ethics still apply in the social media world including not making disparaging remarks about other accountants. The same applies to non-accountants talking about their competitors.
What these posters seem to forget is that most would view such social media content with the contempt that it deserves!
Social media can be over consumed. Whilst it is easy to get carried away and drawn into a social media conversation or debate -- don't over indulge in it. You still have a job to do!
Manage your time using the age old time management techniques.
Having a high opinion of one's own importance via your social media streams is not recommended.
However having pride in your social media content, behaviour and professionalism should be actively encouraged.
Pride can be a double edged sword - make sure that you pick the right side of that sword!
Over promoting yourself or your products or services on social media can be very off putting. In fact it could have the opposite effect of leading to a loss of interest rather than the desired effect of generating marketing interest.
Keep your social media content relevant, topical, interesting, helpful and not self promoting.
Being lazy with your social media content just will not do. New ideas are required all of the time.
Keep up to date with trending news items, forthcoming events or deadlines and write content which incorporates these.
Never copy anyone else's content unless as a reference and in agreement with them to do so.
Professional envy is often evident via social media. Expressing your envy of others via your social media stream is something to be avoided.
Why not learn from what is making them successful and apply it to your business. A much better and fulfilling use of your time.
Needless to say, as in any work place conversations, your social media behaviour should be above reproach. However to show a healthy lust or hunger for your subject matter by demonstrating your enthusiasm is to be encouraged.
Positivism and motivation will draw people to your content and help to get your marketing messages across via your social media content.
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