Set The Expectation For Your CPA Firm Clients

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In talking with several clients last week, I heard some old, familiar stories. Things like: “October 15th went well except for a handful of clients.”

As you approach year-end, why not really do it?  Why not do more than talk about it? Why not meet with your partners and identify the clients that give you headaches and frustrate your team members?
You have probably done that…. several times. This time take the next step, set-up a meeting with those clients and have an honest conversation with them about what you and your firm expects from them in their role as a valued client.
Try using a commitment statement – - identify the things you (your firm) will do and also define the things you expect from them.  If you need a sample, let me know.
Then begin using the commitment statement as part of the on-boarding process for every new client. If nothing else, it gives you a reason to discuss expectations up-front.
Here’s a post from Seth Godin called Train your customers.
Also, read my blog post from August 18th about the client not being ready.
"I am going to stop putting things off starting tomorrow." - - Sam Levenson

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