Separating business from pleasure on Facebook

Mar 15th 2011
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If you are a Facebook user, you have probably encountered the situation where a business associate wants to friend you (yes, friend has become a verb, thank you Mark Zuckerberg). So what is the proper response to this friend request? Do you accept the offer and expose all of your personal exploits and family chatter to your business associates? Do you reject the offer and risk offending an colleague or a potential client? Do you clean up your act and stop posting pictures of potentially embarrassing poses (okay, you should probably do that in any case)? There is another alternative.

If you would like to have your personal fun on Facebook and maintain a bit of business decorum at the same time, David Ringstrom walks you through the steps of setting up separate lists on Facebook, dividing your friends and associates among the lists, and assigning different viewing rights to each list. So, it appears that you can have your Facebook cake and eat it too.

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