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This may sound  too basic for you, but I recently received a Fourth of July card from a CPA firm located on the west coast and it made me think about how infrequently we find the time to reach out to clients and contacts in a personal way.  The firm that sent the card accomplished much by doing so. First, the picture was designed by a young artist who lives at a nonprofit shelter the firm supports.  The budding artist gained tremendous self esteem by being selected for this honor. Second, the card mentions that a donation was made to the social services group by the firm as a part of this special holiday project. The nonprofit was an appreciative  beneficiary of the firm's generosity. Lastly, it gave the members of the firm a chance to "touch" the heart of the business community in a  meaningful way. This card, the thoughtful message, and the connection to a nonprofit organziation all comined to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Compared to a major ad campaign or a program sponsorship, there was probably little cost involved outside of the charitable donation and the cost of printing and postage. A small price to pay for a great ROI.

What are you doing this summer to reach into the business community? 


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