SEC's Thomsen at Chamber Like 'Nixon Coming to China;' Paulson and 'Conflation;' FASB Finalizing GAAP Hierarchy, More

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There were numerous interesting speakers at yesterday’s U.S. Chamber of Commerce Capital Markets Summit – I covered some highlights in this blog yesterday, other blogger’s covering it include David Peck in ChamberPost, on ”Paulson, Turley and Donohue on Capital Markets,” (including highlights from E&Y CEO and Chairman Jim Turley’s speech, “The Changing Dynamics of Global Capital Markets”) and Francine McKenna of Re: The Auditors, in her post, “Live From the Capital Markets Summit.” McKenna routinely not only reports on the news, she is part of the news – posing some questions at the microphone to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson and SEC Enforcement Director Linda Thomsen! (I'll have to ask Broc Romanek of The Blog if he thinks McKenna may be the next Evelyn Y. Davis, all kidding aside.)

For further observations on SEC Enforcement Director Linda Thomsen's remarks at the Chamber, Treasury Secretary Paulson's remarks, and the results of yesterday's FASB meeting, look here.


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