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By Ryan Williams, - If you are like me, you have a lot of tasks on your “to do” list (I don’t count them because it depresses me). Many of the tasks tend to remain “in progress” longer than they should because they are constantly being trumped by the fires of the day. One trick I have employed to help combat this trend is to schedule tasks on my calendar just as I would an appointment. Scheduling tasks on your calendar marks the time as busy and prevents against being overtaken by meetings.

Microsoft Outlook makes it very easy to reserve time on your calendar for tasks. Simply open the Outlook tasks view and drag a task over the calendar folder. This will automagically create a new calendar entry with the task in the subject line and the task notes in the notes of the calendar entry. In my opinion, if you get into the habit of dragging tasks to your calendar and scheduling time to complete them, you will see your task list begin to systematically diminish over time.

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