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By Ryan Williams, - Do you find yourself emailing the same people over and over? Here is a way to create pre-addressed emails and launch them with a single mouse click and no typing (because clicking and typing are entirely too much work).

First of all, to get the most out of this tech tip you'll need to read and configure your desktop using my Ultimate Desktop Layout tech tip (click here to read the tech tip). If you choose not to arrange your desktop as mentioned in the earlier tech tip, this tip will still work, it just will not have the same punch.

Step By Step

1. Find an MS Outlook shortcut on your Quick Launch bar OR on your Start Menu OR on your desktop and with your "right" mouse button drag and drop the icon somewhere on your desktop. When you release your right mouse button a context menu will appear asking if you want to copy or move the icon. Select copy. You should now have another MS Outlook shortcut on your desktop.
Click here to view an example image.

2. Right click on the new MS Outlook shortcut and click Properties on the context menu.
Click here to view an example image.

3. On the Properties window add the following characters to the end of the Target path which ends in "…outlook.exe". The characters are { /c ipm.note /m "your email addresses here" } WITHOUT the brackets {}. Where I have "your email addresses here" you can put the email addresses for which you want to pre-address this email shortcut. For multiple email addresses, you can separate each with a semicolon. You can also put a group name there after creating an email group in your address book if you choose to do it that way. Also, for an explanation of what the "ipm.note" is all about, read my previous tech tip on Time Saving Outlook Shortcuts by clicking here.
Click here to view an example image.

4. On the Properties window click on the Change Icon button to select a new meaningful icon for your new pre-addressed email shortcut. Once you have done this, click OK on the Change Icon window.
Click here to view an example image.

5. Click on the General tab of the shortcut Properties window and change the name of the shortcut to something more meaningful. I named mine "New Email to Friends".
Click here to view an example image.

6. Click the OK button on the shortcut Properties window. Now you should have a shortcut that resembles something like this on your Windows desktop.
Click here to view an example image.

When you click this shortcut you should get a new pre-addressed email like mine in the image below.
Click here to view an example image.

Now to get the greatest benefit from this tip you'll need to drag the shortcut down to your Quick Launch bar so that it is never more than one click away. With this single tip we have eliminated several mouse clicks and who knows how much typing. With all this extra time you're saving, you'll have more time for golf.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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