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Good morning my friends,

I've just had the most disturbing question from a reader in the TaxQuips Forum.

People are going out there starting LLCs, S corps, Corporations, etc. all by themselves without a clue how to operate them.

They desperately need help, from the very beginning.

We need to be able to reach them before they get into trouble.

All the work I do, trying to get the message out to taxpayers, trying to urge all small businesses to work with a team of advisors from the very beginning is going on deaf ears. Even the people who love my book Small Business Taxes Made Easy don't necessarily follow the instructions. Hopefully, the new edition, which has TO DO LISTS included (and a related website where they can print them out), will increase the number of people who start using the guidance.

But YOU need to reach these people.


I don't know. When I first sat down to write this, I was thinking of mining the Fictitious Name section of your local newspaper. You might find new LLCs and partnerships there. But you won't find corporations there, S or otherwise.

No doubt, your Secretary of State's office sells list of names of new busineses registering with them. You can get them from business list brokers. Or...try this for free...

Yup. I just went to the CA SOS site and entered *inc in their disclosure registry  search engine, then clicked on the date column to see the most recent registrations. You can probably do that with your state, too.

You can create a powerful, but brief form letter and customize it to the specific company and their industry. Put the letter on good stationary, in a envelope that feels expensive. Have your letter look and feel classy. Do NOT make it feel like a form letter, even from the outside.

Offer them a free initial consultation to help them set up their new business and outline some of the advantages to THEM of meeting with you. Do not quote price in the envelope.

Make a point of sending out as few as 5 or 10 of these a week to new companies registering in your state. (remember, LLCs, partnerships, and corporations must all register with your Secy of State).

Help these people - and pick up lucrative clients!

Incidentally, another way to reach these people is to partner with an incorporator. There are a few biggies, and few smaller companies who set up corporations. Attornies still do incorporating. Perhaps you can team up with one of these folks to offer start up workshops?

OR...volunteer your services to IRS or your state tax agency to speak to business groups like development councils. chambers or commerce, etc. It's even better if you have foreign language skills and can target certain communities.

People NEED us. They really do!

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