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By Allan Boress, CPA - What a great Thanksgiving! Cousin Judy outdid herself again. But, you don't care about care about your firm, your clients and your MONEY.

Sadly, many CPAs think more about their pocketbook than they do their clients. In my "I-Hate-Losing-Clients Course" we discuss the various reasons CPA firms lose clients.

#3: Lack of Appreciation

So - what did your firm and your people do to say thanks to your clients this season? Send out an impersonal card imprinted with the firm name? Nothing?

Years ago, I adopted something I had seen for our profession. For your edification, here's "Remember Me"

"I'm the client who comes to your office, sits down, and patiently waits while the receptionist does everything except to see how she can help me, let alone make me feel welcome or offer me coffee.

I'm the one who waits and waits for you to return my urgent call.

I'm the person who sits quietly in your office while you have a conversation with one of your subordinates or colleagues.

I'm the client who brings in his tax return in February, only to receive a phone call on April 14th telling me that you have to file an extension.

I'm the client that you turn over to a novice or new hire who knows nothing about me and without communicating with me why you did it -- I thought I hired you.

I'm the person who receives your bill, can't figure it out, but is simply too tired to try to get a hold of you again, so I merely pay it. I feel more like another file to you than a human being.

Yes, you might say I'm a good client. But do you know who else I am? I am the Client Who Never Comes Back, and it amuses me to see you spending all sorts of money every year on marketing, when I was there in the first place. All you had to do to keep me was to give me a little service, show me a little courtesy and say 'thank you.'" - An Anonymous Client

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