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Surgery was one week ago, and I've been home since Thursday.  Reportedly the first think I asked my wife for after they took me to a room was for Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.  Good to know I kept my wits at a time like that.

I've been out of the office for 7 business days now, and I doubt I will get back until sometime next week.  I'm still frankly very tired - 2 naps a day is pretty normal for me right now.  My wife got a disk from Netflix that allows me to watch stuff through the Wii.  I'm through the frist two seasons of 30 Rock, which I'm finding to be very amusing. 

From what I've been told on the pathology tests, the results were the best that could be hoped for - the prostate cancer was limited to one area that they knew about.  Despite what my father has told people, the cancer was NOT worse than they expected and as a result the entire prostate was removed - the plan all along was to remove the entire prostate.

I'm finding I'm missing working.  While my wife and kids are really being great and helping me through this, I'd rather they didn't need to.

Sorry for such a lame blog post.  Blame the medication.

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