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By Alex Vuchnich, CPA, CFE -

With the typical time demands for most accounting professionals knowing what to read and what to pass over is extremely valuable. With all the content available though it is easy to get mired down in information overload. When it comes to books and avid readers, there is no better web based tool I have found than Goodreads. This site let's you build your own bookshelf and then share it with others. More importantly you can view ratings and reviews from like-minded readers and find the books that are worth reading as opposed to those for which you shouldn't bother cracking the cover. Books can be arranged by shelves so if you are interested in just browsing books on management, finance or accounting then you can narrow your search. If you are looking for some lite reading for enjoyment then simply browse around your friends shelves to see what their recommendations are. One of my favorite features is the to-read lists. If you are like me you might already have queued 5-10 books in your book stack. Now as new books come along that I want to make sure I pick up in a few months I can just queue it in my to-read list. No more worrying about forgetting the title or author when I finally get around to having time to read a new book. If you are interested in getting started with goodreads you can add me to start checking my recommendations on business, finance, fraud, technology as well as some more esoteric selections in sci-fi, philosophy and yes, even cookbooks.

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