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Joe Connolly, Wall Street Journal, reported this morning that one out of every five financial services professionals who blogs today finds it to be a succesful tool for communication. Let's face it, whether you are prepared to embrace social media or not, blogging is here to stay.  It gives you, as the author, the opportunity to talk about topics that are relevant for your audience, it provides a means of demonstrating value and knolwedge, it creates a connection to your market and it does all this in an environment where there are no competitors vying for your target's attention.

Search engines, or the logarithms that drive them, seem to love blogs and continue to seek them out when looking for content 'experts.' The current theory is that when a prospect is conducting a web search, those people who are actively blogging are assumed to be amongst the thought leaders on the subject so they earn the points that can escalate them to the top of the list . This can be crucial when you are trying to position your firm as a premier organization and one that prospects should consider when seeking a CPA.  I have heard some companies say they are paying professional writers to blog on their behalf several times a week, just to garner the attention of the business community and especially those who leverage the Internet as a way of gathering critical information.

Blogs are being credited with a lot of power and influence, so you might want to pay attention and spend some time this summer trying it out.

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