Reader Questions: Cell Phone Wi-Fi and the Vista Admin Account

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By Ryan Williams, - In this tech tip I am going to address two questions that were submitted recently. Sorry I cannot get to them all.

QUESTION #1: The first question comes from a reader in Texas. The question is “Can cell phones with built in Wi-Fi use the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet?” The answer is definitely yes. However, phones with built in wireless still have to be configured just the same as a laptop with wireless. If the place where you are trying to access the internet has wireless security enabled, you will still need to configure your phone’s wireless settings to match. The process is slightly different on every phone so I cannot provide step by step instructions, however, having Wi-Fi on your phone is really handy, and it is definitely worth paying for when you are shopping for cell phones. Most cell phones now days allow for surfing the internet, however, the data connection is often slow and you often have to pay extra for internet usage. Having built-in Wi-Fi on your phone avoids having to pay your cell phone service provider for internet access. It is also especially nice for surfing the internet in your living room while the rest of your family is watching the Food Network.

QUESTION #2: Another reader says she accidentally removed the administrator privileges from her Windows Vista account. Now, she cannot install new software nor do other things that require administrator privileges. This person wants to know if there is another option besides formatting and reloading the entire computer to reestablish an account that has administrator privileges. The answer is thankfully yes. There is another option.

In Windows Vista there is a hidden administrator account that is disabled by default. The following steps will enable this hidden administrator account and allow you to reestablish your personal account with administrator privileges. I suggest that you disable this hidden administrator account after you fix your existing personal account.

Here are the steps for enabling the hidden Windows Vista administrator account.

1. Click on the start menu and type “command” in the search bar. This will pull up the Command Prompt program in the search results above.
Click here for an example image.

2. Right-click on the Command Prompt program and select Run as Administrator.
Click here for an example image.

3. Next, type in the following command at the command prompt and press enter.
net users administrator /active:yes
This will activate the hidden administrator account.
Click here for an example image.

4. Now, log off or restart your computer. You should have the option to log in as the administrator. By default the administrator login does not have a password. I suggest that you disable the administrator login after using it. To do so, use this command at the same command prompt as in step 3 above.
net users administrator /active:no
This will deactivate the hidden administrator account.

That’s all there is to it.

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Happy Teching,

Ryan Williams

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