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QR codes – those funny-looking black-and-white boxes that you see everywhere you look these days – are finding their way into the accounting profession. To access the information behind a QR code, you need a QR code reader on your smartphone. You focus your mobile device on the code and then you are taken to a Web site. Sometimes the code takes you directly to a company or personal home page. More often, the code leads you to a special promotion or to a place where you can read more information than what would normally fit in a small advertisement or on the back of a business card.

AccountingWEB's contributing writer Kara Haas has spoken with some members of the accounting profession to find out how they are using these boxy codes. You can experiment with QR codes for free – it's another way of using online tools to promote yourself and your products. Mostly, though, it's just fun to point at QR codes, feel your phone buzz when a connection is made, and then see where the code takes you.


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