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I was speaking with an attorney recently who wanted to author some articles in order to show case his expertise. He complained, though, that he didn't want to really 'give away' important information. 

Reflecting on our conversation, I thought it would be worth mentioning to all of you that when you want to add value, build a brand, and create opportunities for your firm, you do have to share relevant information.  The purpose of writing the article is to provide the reader with insights - and to give them a reason to call you.  You do not have to give away the store, but you cannot make the article so generic as to be meaningless. Inlcuding cutting edge ideas, checklists, resources, or a case study helps the reader by providing educational information they need and at the same time they can see how knowledgable you are.

Few business owners read an article on a technical or business related topic and then try to implement the concepts on their own. Instead, they most likely read  the article, recognize you as the expert, and call if they have further questions regarding the application of the topic to their own situation.  Bottom line: don't be afraid to share - it's good for business!

Has anyone had a different experience regarding this topic? I'd love to hear from you!

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