PTIN and EFIN - Year 2

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I had actually looked forward to the day the IRS let me renew my preparer identification number. Don't ask me why, perhaps I couldn't wait to get it over with. I can recall the number of preparers who complained about the PTIN process. Some needed days to enroll, others needed weeks and some never bothered.

In 2010, the process took me about 20 minutes. This time, I needed just 15 minutes. Had I not substituted an EIN for my SSN and added an expiration date on my CPA license, I would have been done sooner. Best of all, it cost less (I know it's only $1.25 - but I'm glad to keep the change)!

At least I did not have to worry about my EFIN.  I am surprised, however, that the e-file requirement for more 10 returns is news to anyone. Of course, I had thought the same thing about nonprofits needing to be reminded repeatedly they would lose their tax-exempt status if they did not file for three years in a row.

I guess the one unknown heading into 2012 will be the drop in tax preparers due primarily to continuing education requirements. After all, I never thought $64.25 would result in the number of preparers falling by at least one-third.


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