Profile of Sen. Jack Reed, Chair of Senate Securities Subcommittee; Presidential Classroom

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By Edith Orenstein, FEI Financial Reporting Blog - There’s a “Profile of Sen. Jack Reed” by G. Wayne Miller in Sunday’s (April 27) Providence Journal (ProJo). It is very well written and provides significant insight into Sen. Reed’s life, from his and his parents’ roots to today, which is of interest for this rumored possible vice Presidential candidate or possible Secretary of Defense, who is described as the 17th most powerful senator in one poll cited in the article.

Miller spent time documenting the Senator’s activities recently, including a trip to West Point (Reed’s alma mater), various meetings on Capitol Hill, and numerous interviews with the press (one such interview with NYT’s Floyd Norris saw Reed quoted in, “Why Surprises Still Lurk After Enron,” on Feb. 29, 2008).

I hope many young (and not so young) people are inspired by Reed’s story regarding his dedication to public service.

One resource for high school students (and adults) interested in learning more about public policy and public service which I’ve noted before in this blog - based on my participation as a volunteer instructor for a week in 2003 - is “Presidential Classroom” (PC).

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