Process: It Is All About The Rubber Duckie

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Many of the bloggers present and past  here on the Bloggers Crew have conversations on a regular basis elsewhere on social media, especially on Facebook.  One day last week, my good friend Michelle Golden posted that she wasn't sure if she was being productive or completely useless.  I of course chimed in with a slightly humorous point or two.  Then my friend Ron Baker, who reads more books than anybody I know, pipes in with a comment that says it is all about process and Michelle should read something on Lean or Six Sigma.  Ron proceeds to suggest a book on the topic, which Michelle looks up and finds is out of stock.

This is where I jump back in and say:

If process is the issue, I suggest you read "Tubby Time For Little Ernie." That dude has process down pat.

And you know what?  That dude does have process down pat.  Ernie was confronted with a problem - he needed to get clean!  He is reminded by the narrator that is time for his bath and asks him what he needs.  Ernie figures out what he needs to solve his problem:

  • Whale soap
  • Sail boat
  • Rubber duckie

After that, he was all clean.

Sometimes, the solutions to our problems are pretty straight forward.  Define it.  Find the tools you need.  Implement.

Just don't forget the rubber duckie.

(Yes this was a book I read over and over to my kids, especially my daughter.  I can still recite it from heart).

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