Proactive Attention is Your Best Marketing Tool!

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By Sally Glick -It seems as if every day brings more bad news. By now every business owner is jittery, whether they are in retail, manufacturing, distribution – or are service providers. As a CPA, one of the best ways for you to distinguish your firm, large or small, is by offering these owners, CEOs and senior managers good business advice, helping them through the tough times. Perhaps their inventory needs tighter control, or they need to make adjustments to their outside sales force – or they may even require advice on how to improve operations efficiencies. No matter what, it is your proactive approach to solving their issues that will distinguish your firm. I would suggest that your marketing initiatives position your firm as one that focuses on the middle market, delivering innovative strategies, hand-holding and the practical business suggestions that are needed right now. When promoting your firm, you will have the most success when you find ways to add real value to clients, business colleagues, centers of influence and others in your community.


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