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One of the traditional challenges for marketing directors is to keep momentum going during tax season. Faced with the realities of long hours - with six and seven day work weeks - and the accompanying stress, it is difficult, if not impossible, to gain the attention of  already overworked partners and managers.

And yet as each tax ('busy') season approaches, I am reminded of lessons I learned from my father, a sole practitioner in Chicago. I began my career working with him, helping to build his accounting practice.  At the time we didn't have a website, Twitter, e-blasts or e-newsletters. But we did know how to connect with our clients and business owners in the community, and we didn't take a break from our community invovlement from January until mid-April. But we did try to prioritize our activities so that they were targeted and realistic. Most of all, my father continuously reminded me that "everyone eats lunch."

So while other firms may retreat from the business scene, focusing on their work load, you can plan one lunch each week with a client, a business colleague, or a center of influence.    If you and the other partners in your firm commit to one lunch per week, working together you will maintain a solid presence in the business community. You can add one breakfast per week also - or even swap out a lunch for an occasional business or trade organization meeting.  No matter how you arrange your calendar, choose initiatives that make the most sense for you and the firm. But no matter what you do, don't completely call a halt to all your activities.  Make some time to demonstrate your firm's sincere commitment to the community and know that no matter how busy you are, the effort is worth it!   Please feel free to share your ideas here or e-mail me if you have further questions!

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