Preventing Spyware On Your Computer

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By Ryan Williams, - "How do I stop spyware?" is quite possibly the most common question we at Nexxtep get asked. Below I have tried to list some guidelines that will help you protect your computer.

1. Keep all software updated. People who develop malware are always looking for security flaws in software and software vendors are continuously fixing these flaws. Software updates are important.
This can be automated with software.

2. Develop a policy that prohibits the visiting of websites that contain spyware, gambling, and pornography.
This can be enforced with a network device.

3. Develop a policy that prohibits peer-to-peer file sharing software, freeware and shareware.
This can be enforced with a network device.

4. Do not open any e-mail from unknown people or from known people with an unexpected attachment. If you are unsure, call the sender to confirm the email before you open it.

5. Implement a spam filter to prevent unwanted email from reaching your inbox.

6. Install a firewall; it can prevent spyware from sending information out to the internet.

7. Lock down your computers so only network administrators can install software. This prevents against accidental spyware installation.

8. Install an anti-spyware solution.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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