Post-Labor Day Fresh Start

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For many of us, the day after Labor Day evokes memories of the first day of school, and that means new clothes, binders, folders, paper, pencils, crayons, markers, an empty locker, and a fresh start. In the work world, we can use this time of the year to mark a different kind of fresh start.

Step back and look at your work life; think about your typical day. Are there changes you can make to ease the pressure, remove the clutter, shorten your day, brighten your outlook? There's plenty of time to race to the finish line later, get new clients, make more money, offer more services, expand to new territories. Today, think about you. Remember the way you felt when you started that new school year and how uplifting it was to contemplate a clean slate and imagine all the ways you were going to do things better this year. See if you can bring that first-day-of-school you back into your life today.

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