Philadelphia Tax Amnesty IN EFFECT!

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As I previously mentioned back in March, Philadelphia's Tax Amnesty program started this week (May 3rd.). The Amnesty program runs from May 3rd to June 25th.

To assist taxpayers, Philadelphia has created a new site which provides more information about the program and how to take advantage of it. Please check it out at Philly Tax Amnesty.

Who is Eligible?

Tax Amnesty is available to both individuals and businesses for any taxes that were originally due and payable between February 1, 1986 and June 30, 2009 and meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. You did not file the required Philadelphia tax return(s)
  2. You underreported income and/or tax due on a previously filed tax return(s)
  3. You claimed excessive deductions
  4. You did not pay previously assessed taxes, interest, penalties, and/or collection fees

What Taxes Are Eligible?

City of Philadelphia taxes eligible for Amnesty are:

  1. Amusement Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-600
  2. Auctioneer Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-700 (repealed)
  3. Bowling Alley Tax, pursuant to chapter 19-800 (repealed)
  4. Mechanical Amusement Device Tax, pursuant to chapter 19-900
  5. Personal Property Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1100
  6. Parking Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1200
  7. Real Estate Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1300, Chapter 19-1800 and applicable State law
  8. Realty Transfer Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1400
  9. Wage and Net Profits Tax, pursuant to chapter 19-1500 and Chapter 19-2800
  10. Net Income Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1800
  11. Realty Use and Occupancy Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1800
  12. Liquor Sales Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-1800
  13. Hotel Room Rental Tax, Tourism and Marketing Tax, and Hospitality Promotion Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-2400
  14. Business Privilege Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-2600
  15. Vending Machine Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-2800 (repealed)
  16. Vehicle Rental Tax, pursuant to Chapter 19-3300
  17. Excise tax on outdoor advertising transactions, pursuant to Chapter 19-3400

What Tax Are NOT Eligible?

Sales and Use Tax and Hotel Occupancy Tax imposed pursuant to Section 19-2701. This tax is eligible for amnesty from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which administers this tax. General Acute Care Hospital Assessment and High Volume Medicaid Hospital Assessment imposed pursuant to Section 19-3502.

Benefits of Participating

According to the site, if you are eligible and make payment during the 54 days of Amnesty, you will not be charged any penalties, and you will only owe half the interest.

Need Help?

If you need any assistance in determining if you are eligible or if you should take advantage of this amnesty opportunity, please contact me at [email protected].

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