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Personal Marketing and Business Development Plans

When building a brand for a firm – large or small – it is important to have a written marketing plan that guides you, keeping the firm on target to reach its goals. Equally as important is a personal plan for each professional in the organization who is being charged with business development responsibilities. The importance of the development and implementation of personal plans is often overlooked, but it is a critical key to effective business development. When a realistic, practical plan is in place – based on the person’s attitude, resources, commitment, interests, experience and skills – there is a much greater opportunity for success. Individuals who have a documented, well-thought out plan are more strategic in their approach, and as result they are better able to target their efforts, prioritize their activities and invest time and energy in ways that will be most likely to generate quality leads. This may seem like a “no-brainer” to you, but few firms execute this simple step. Those who take the time to build a plan have a competitive edge because they are able to deploy limited resources more effectively than those professionals who are scattered across the business community, lacking direction and focus.

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