Persistence Pays Off

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Last night I heard a great speaker talking about the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. I realized as he spoke that they are the very same characteristics that support a great marketing and communications culture. He said:  (1) have vision; (2) never give up; (3) be humble; (4) help others.

This is the perfect message for you as you continue to build your firm's brand, developing relationships and nurturing both current and future clients. Of the entrpreneurial traits mentioned, persistence is the one I would focus on - as it seems to be the greatest stumbling block for so many of us. We start projects, but run out of time to complete them. We meet new people but never have the time to properly follow up. We all have great intentions, but other priorities get in our way and create obstacles for us.

I would suggest instead  that you try to be more persistent in your marketing endeavors. First, know your goals. Next, develop a structured process to help you achieve the goals that represent your vision for the firm's growth.  The more processes you put in place the more likely it is for the firm to get thngs done. You cannot rely on one person to keep the web content fresh, the direct mail campaign consistent, or the newsletters relevant. Instead, assign these tasks as priorities across the firm and keep your "eyes on the prize."  Know that when you are persistent, you will build a strong and influential reputation in your market for your firm.  Never, ever give up!

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