People First: Are You Committed to This?

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I recently read about a very successful shipping container company in New Jersey, called INTTRA,  that embraces Moore's Law. Basically, what Morre's Law predicts is that computer power will double every two years.

The ramifications of the expectation of rapid advances in technology are applicable to any company or professional services firm  - because the power of technology enables them to market to customers (clients) in a more personal and meaningful way.

As INTTRA’s decade of double digit growth has already shown, technology provides the tools needed to conduct in depth research about clients and prospects, which can be leveraged by your firm, helping you get closer and gain greater understanding about what your target market most values. But you have to be prepared to apply these tools and be dedicated to uncovering the questions and finding the solutions.  Putting clients first can be hard work.

Technology advances, combined with your firm’s sincere commitment to listen to clients and non-clients, can help to set you apart from the competition, most especially when you take action to address the issues raised by your audience. It is this mix of research and listening, along with implementation,  that makes this client-centric (people first) approach successful.

Are you and the partners in your firm committed to really serving your clients - to  making the impossible possible - and  to being their trusted advisor for their business and family issues? Think about Moore's Law and what it means to your practice.


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