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By Allan Boress, CPA - Why do some CPA firms lose great client opportunities and some win?

Maybe we can look outside of our inbred profession and look into the real world to see how people make serious decisions.

This weekend's Wall Street Journal features "Isaiah Oliver, a 24-year old white social worker" who proclaims he will vote for Barach Obama ... "Because he's black..." Mr. Oliver also states that "it's the cool factor. He's a rock star."


Although Mr. Oliver may not represent your sentiments, he is completely indicative of how people make decisions to buy.

It's a fact; we have 2 brains inside our skull. The left brain (logic, language, math skills) v right brain (creativity, artistic ability and the emotions). Madison Avenue discovered long ago that humans buy emotionally and justify their intentions intellectually, so the first sale is to the right brain and then the left has to buy in intellectually.

A woman CPA admitted to me years ago (supposedly left-brain dominant, logical and rational people) that she voted for Mrs. Clinton's husband because he "had beautiful eyes."

So what? What has this to do with selling more quality work and keeping clients happy? Easy - it's not the technical aspects of what drives people to make decisions in favor of one v another, but their emotions. As explained in The "I-Hate-Selling" Book, Personal Chemistry is easily 50% - 80% of making the sale and what makes handing major clients off such a difficult process.

Lesson to learn? Make sure your marketing appeals to the emotions: greed, doubt, happiness, security - just like politicians so and your will win far more than your share. Of course, beware that your stagnant, stoic, anti-marketing technical partners will give you a hard time. You'll just have the use the same strategy to get them on board, too.


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