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 I get around as I work - I've been to every state except Oregon and West Virginia - yes, I keep track.   And as I travel I see that many, many Americans are hurting.  The economic news seems even worse in Europe.  I am blessed to be in Texas - where our economy is robust.  (And Governor Perry - who is running for President - will be more than glad to take credit for it!  )

And as you can tell from my previous blog posts, I have been keeping an eye on the federal debt and the whacky behaviors of local governments.  

Not long ago, I created a blog post that concerned some of my readers.  I was stepping off of the American traditional upward path and simplifying my life.  I liquidated all of my investments and sold my house and moved into a similar rental.  I had a strong sinking feeling about our economy back in January of this year and my husband and I acted on it.  (It kind of reminded me of John Lennon's song 'Watching the Wheels" about stepping off the 'success' merry go round.)

And as I did this - friends and family (and because I was trying to share!) my readers assumed that my business wasn't going well and that I was broke.  Quite to contrary.  Business is better than ever. Knock knock.  And I am still ambitious and plan on owning a home on the lake someday...but that doesn't mean I want to see all of my resources dashed by another downturn on Wall Street or in real estate.  

These last few days we have all watched the stock market run up and down.  We have heard about poor employment numbers and weak consumer confidence.  

I think 'weak consumer confidence' describes my mental attitude quite well.  

And I want you to know that being highly liquid and debt feels absolutely FABULOUS!  Yes, I realize that the dollar is getting weaker, but until I can figure out where to put my money next, I am surely not going to put it where I know it will take a hit.  

Was selling the house and moving hard?  Oh yes - very.  Excruciating - actually.  Did I have to tolerate the skeptical looks of my friends, neighbors, and family? Oh, yes.  Did I doubt myself?  Yes.  Am I happy about it now - 8 months later?  Heck yes!  I have peace of mind for the first time in a long time.  I recommend stepping off the upwardly-mobile-facade-fueled-merry-go-round to anyone.

 I'll keep you advised - in case you feel like stepping off with me. 

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