Passion and Effort: Chicken or Egg?

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Mark Cuban wrote a blog post entitled, "Don't Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort." 

I agree with the post in regards to - where we spend our time will determine our destiny. 

However, I think Mark misses the "mark."  I think time and effort come after we choose what to do.  Hence, the question is - how do we choose what to do?  Do we do simply what others or outside forces tell us to do?  Do we do what comes naturally or what we are naturally good at?  Do we do what is practical?

Whatever the reason, hopefully what we choose to do matches up with our "passion" or gifts and skills.  Obviously, if we don't put in the EFFORT we won't be successful.  However, if we aren't PASSIONATE (strongly interested, gifted, skilled, etc.) about it, we may not put in the effort.

My other concern is, if someone becomes really good at something that they started doing because it was the "practical" thing do, years down the road they will be trapped and not be able to change course. Point - don't become really good at something if you don't like it.

As the saying goes, "men live lives of quiet desperation." Meaning, we spend most of our lives thinking of doing something else or being some place else.  We should all aspire to not be one of them.

Read his post and let me know what you think.

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