Passion and a Need to be Challenged

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When you heard that the Groupon folks turned down $6 billion from Google, what went through your mind? Here’s a company (Groupon) that’s so young its carpets probably haven’t even needed to be cleaned yet. It struck upon a dynamic concept that has quickly generated enough of a level of adoption in the marketplace to attract the attention and wallet of another company (Google). If you were in Groupon’s ownership shoes, what would you have done?

$6 billion certainly buys a lot of freedom to do what you really want to do. That’s just it, though. It makes me think of these people – and we all know them – who are passionate about continuing the challenge. There’s the client you might have who is 70 years old, worth several million dollars, and still loves being at his/her tool and die shop every day. Or there’s the managing partner of your small accounting firm who retired 15 years ago, but still maintains an office at the firm, handles some special clients, and shows up every three days with pastries for everyone.

Passion and a need to be challenged. Some people keep it forever, some people are glad to shed it when the time comes. There’s no right or wrong answer, but $6 billion? C’mon!

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