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Jul 19th 2010
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Technology is so much a part of your life inside a CPA firm now.

The old days are gone (thank goodness), the days of  a Red Rope folder, stuffed full of client information, prior and current year workpapers slowly making its way around your office until the client engagement was complete and out the door.

Hopefully, your firm has evolved to where one of the workflow software solutions is enabling your people to truly work from anywhere without being tied to the office and to paper records.

Many of you have been “sort of” paperless for quite a while but just haven’t taken the leap into a truly digital office.  I talk to a lot of firms that do not keep paper files anymore, all client files are digital, but they do still have a lot of paper flowing around the office.

Are your young accountants pushing for automated workflow and the use of a client portal?  Often, the partners are the last to adopt even though they have been reviewing on screen for many years.

For several years appropriate software was not available to make this process work inside a CPA firm.  Now, there are many great choices. Make 2010 your firms year to leap ahead!  

John Higgins has written a very helpful article in the June issue of CPA Technology Advisor, Workflow Software:  What's it all about? - - A Look at the Big Picture.  

Higgins notes:  My goal for this article is to help you gain a conceptual understanding of what workflow software is all about, specifically as it relates to accounting and tax services, and the scope of features and functions offered.  

"Trust your hunches. Hunches are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level." - - Dr. Joyce Brothers


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