Optimism: Your Secret Marketing Weapon

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I often caution those who are seeking a "silver bullet" or some other remarkable secret to improve their marketing and increase their business development, that there is no such short cut. And yet, here I am telling you that I do know a g reat marketing secret:  it is the power of being optimistic!

In an article written by Bruna Martinuzzi entitled, "Optimism: the hidden asset,"   the author focuses on the amazing power that leaders have when they exude optimism. A positive attitude inspires others, creates an environment where people are more likely to arrive at solutions,and sets the stage for attaining goals. 

Reading this article I realized that optimism is not only an important ingredient for leadership but it is a key ingredient inherent in any marketing strategy as well. Convincing others, being innovative and open to new ideas, and looking for ways to embrace change, are all side effects of a positive, optimistic philosophy. Pessimists say, "that won't work," but optimists try to look at every angle and find a way to get results. Isn't that what marketing is all about?

The next time you are talking to an employee or a client, think about the power you have to make an impact by simply being a little more optimistic, imaginative, open and encouraging ,   Optimism can lead to great results, since most of your current or potential clients would much rather work closely with a professional who is proactive, hopeful, and exhibits spontaneity combined with technical skills and a realistic approach, than with a CPA who focuses solely on the downside of events.

This is the perfect time of year to give it a try. Don't focus as much on the long hours and the stress, but rather think about the terrific opportunities that you are embracing right now!  Give it a try - you have nothing to lose. Put on a sincere smile and let us all know how this works for you and your firm.

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