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Just when I think I've heard it all....I haven't .  And while it shouldn't surprise me or amaze me, it still does.  What am I talking about?  It's so ridiculous.  I was sent a link to a blurb about a lawsuit going on in Utah, where an office manager is suing her former employer over the office dress code.

Now you may say to yourself....what's the big deal as most workplaces establish some type of dress code.  Usually the dress code in firms may consist of khaki pants...button down shirt......slacks.....dresses....suits...etc.  This dumba$$ felt the need to impose his own dress code on this office manager (and who knows who else), and made sure he didn't miss a day:

  • Mini skirt Monday
  • Tube top Tuesday
  • Wet T shirt Wednesday
  • No bra Thursday
  • Bikini top Friday

Hey McFly...wake up and smell the LAWSUIT!!! 

While his "dress code" was very creative on his part (how about do some work instead), it is never ever acceptable!  Period.

Below is the link to the story......

Who thinks of these things?  Someone with way too much time on their hands and obviously not enough work.

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