Old Stuff Just Doesn't Work As Well Anymore

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I read a great article in a recent issue of the New Jersey Law Journal that is every bit as appropriate for the world of accountants as it is for attorneys for whom it was written. Basically it reminds the law firms that they need to be more strategic and innovative in their marketing approach. The use of the same old "tools" from the marketer's "tool kit" such as brochures - talking about how great you are - or a static website that hasn't been updated in months- are no longer effective. There's just too much clutter out there, too many messages, and too many highly competitive firms vying to distinguish themselves and their services.

Instead of focusing your time and dollars to develop these potentially outdated tactics, it is suggested that you might spend more time demonstrating how you add value while building meaningful relationships. Instead of talking about the attributes of the firm, how about a case study showing how you delivered a successful solution for a client. Instead of collecting a stack of business cards, how about spending more time with "A" clients and "A" referral sources in a meaningful way.

The shift necessitates more effort on your part but makes so much more sense when cultivating new clients and retaining existing ones.

Let me know what works for you!


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