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By Gail Perry, CPA - When I was quite small, my parents bought me a doll house (one of those 1950's metal two-story houses), and the house was completely furnished with wonderful little pieces of furniture. At some point I stopped playing with the house and my father packed everything away. I didn't give it another thought until a few years later when several of my friends developed a pastime of building elaborate house floor plans out of Lincoln Logs and furnishing the floor plans with doll house furniture. I was allowed to play this game with my friends, but felt bad because, although I could bring Lincoln Logs, I had no doll house furniture to contribute to the game. One day my father unearthed my doll house furniture from somewhere in the depths of our basement. I was elated! I can still remember the excitement of seeing my furniture, handling the pieces, and being able to share it with my friends to enhance our house-designing game.

This past weekend, I had a similar experience! I discovered two cartons of books that had been packed away for more than 20 years. They were nearly all the books I had read in college, outside of required classroom reading. Such old friends they are! I spent hours poring over the titles, handling them carefully, re-reading favorite passages, and remembering those endless college days, the people I knew then, and the books we discovered together and shared with each other.

Many of my favorites are out of print now and I'm so looking forward to sharing them with current friends and family. I filled a whole bookcase with my treasure - I'm tempted to put the books behind glass doors. Or at least surround them with Lincoln Logs....


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