Oh No! Not Another Conversation About Social Media!

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As firms of all sizes, much like yours, gravitate to social media and embrace it as a way of consistently connecting with clients, they will need to develop a social media marketing plan. This is all too often a step that is overlooked as firms anxiously jump right in to using social media to communicate. Keep in mind that, (so far), this is just one tool in your firm’s marketing mix, that is, one tactic amongst others you are using to create your brand and build awareness and loyalty.


What’s obviously unique about social media is the manner in which you are able to reach so many people so quickly and at such little cost.  It also enabled you to interact with existing and potential clients in a proactive fashion. Use the opportunity wisely. Remember not to be self-serving. This is not an ad campaign where you tout your firm’s services. Instead it is an informal and friendly way to connect with your targeted audience by talking about things they are interested in. Whether it is through Twitter, Facebook, an electronic newsletter or your firm’s blog, you have a chance to add real value by presenting relevant information in a dynamic and energetic style. Take advantage of these possibilities – but do so thoughtfully and with specific goals in mind!   

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