Nothin' New About Niches!

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By Sally Glick - I started my accounting marketing career in the early 1970s, working with my dad who is a sole practitioner in Chicago, Illinois. Even “way back then” we realized that in order to add more value to our client interactions and to have a more effective way of developing a full pipeline of leads, we needed to concentrate our efforts in some key targeted areas. Although our office was small – one partner, three CPAs and three administrative staff, we often implemented some sophisticated approaches more common to firms much larger than we were!

We bumped into the idea creating a “niche’ when we realized that we had more than ten clients in the under car care industry. Based on all we were learning about this sector, we began to be more proactive with owners in this space. We conducted surveys, attending industry meetings, taught classes, and in general began to carve out a strong reputation for our firm as the ‘go – to” firm in the Chicago area for anyone in the mufflers and brakes business.

So – if we can build a ‘famous’ reputation in a niche – size is not an excuse! Has anyone else found this tactic to be helpful for a smaller firm? It helps level the playing field when you have a unique expertise. Tell us what is working for you!

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