Notes from the First Day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

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By Brian Tankersley

Earlier this year, I got my press pass to CES by virtue of blogging on as well as on the CPA Tech Blog (  I elected to not go for personal reasons, but will be providing "virtual" coverage. Since there are tens of thousands of journalists there, I'm going to review items from the comfort of my home office (with my 25 Mbps fiber connection and comfy chair) and bring to your attention the items which are relevant to Accountants everywhere. 

Items of note from the first day of the show include:

1. Greg LaFollette (who is at CES and blogs at has coverage on a cool Lenovo laptop which has one 17" display and a second fold out 10.6" display.  It's a little pricey ($5,100) and weighs as much as a mid-sized SUV.  More at his site.

2. Engadget reports that LG has a new phone (GD910) which is truly the Dick Tracy wristwatch phone.  Looks very good - I could see actually owning one of these someday....  I've linked to the Engadget coverage again, but actually forwarded this one along to my boots on the ground as something to see while they were there.

3. The subnotebook may be converging with the cell phone in short order.  Engadget reports that Asus, maker of the eee PC has joined the open handset alliance and is looking at Google's Android open OS for smartphones (for their own phones)...... so if the existing devices are "smart" phones, would a subnotebook running Android be a "Genius" phone???? (A: probably not.  Apple's reportedly super-aggressive IP lawyers would probably sue them into oblivion - since they call their support people "geniuses". )

4. Flash Gone Wild - SDXC Memory Cards offer the potential of up to 2TB of storage and 300 Mbps transfer speeds.... (Who needs traditional form factor solid state drives when you can get one of these????)

5. What audit team wouldn't want the ASUS Origami laptop.  Although it's still just a concept, it certainly looks interesting.....  and the form factor would make a MacBook air look like a boat anchor!)

6. ASUS's convertible NetBook (with a touchscreen) looks pretty interesting as well, although probably not high-powered enough for most business users....

7. Netgear has a new wireless router for use with mobile broadband cards and USB devices (MBR624GU)....I have used a Kyocera KR-1 for some time, but would love to try out another one of these devices (hint hint, Netgear....)

8.  There's a new Indestructible hard drive case out there for those who want to go paperless, but won't go because you can't get fireproof cases for your hard drives.  (I guess this product demo makes David Letterman's "Will it Float" segment obsolete.... who the heck cares if it will float if you can put it in a 1600 degree furnace......)

More coverage later....

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