New Year…New You….New Resolutions!

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Here we are…..we bid adieu to another year and another decade, and look forward to the new with anticipation (hopefully). 

As with every new year, there is always the hope of good things to come. Certainly the past couple of years have been rough for everyone, with people picking up their boot straps and continuing on. The start of the new year can bring some new changes. 
Change is good. Change makes the world go ‘round. Change can start within ourselves. What types of resolutions do we want to accomplish? What lights a spark under us and gets us motivated everyday? If you’re not sure, think about it, and get out there and do it! Is there a class that could be beneficial to your career? Get that training! Make the change.  As we have all learned, time waits for no one.
Volunteerism is an important part of our culture. If your company would like to participate in a volunteering effort, go for it!!! There are many organizations that would love a helping hand, and giving a little back also makes one feel good. Why not? Or pick a favorite cause(s) among staffers and hold a Jeans Day. Everyone contributes a small donation and the proceeds go to the cause. And, the employees get to wear jeans for a day.  Get involved and be rewarded.
These are very small examples of change. Think about it and go for it!  New year, new you.


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