Networking Can Pay Off!

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Everyone has far too many commitments - too many activities - too many places to be, typically all scheduled at the same time! And yet, if you can select a few targeted programs or organizations and stick with them, attending regularly and adding value to the other participants, good things will be the result.

I attended such an event last night and about 15 minutes into the networking portion of the program, I had a colleague mention that one of her clients had some sophisticated tax questions. She asked if we might be able to help. How fast did I say yes to that? Seriously, the more often you are 'present,'  the more likely it is for people to understand what you do and develop a comfort level of trust in your firm's capabilities.  In addition, your personal touch and the warmth you bring to the relationship makes all the difference in the world in separating your firm from your competitors in the room.

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the usual parade of networking parties. This year, approach these with a strategic plan. Decide which old friendships  you want to renew, what new contacts you need  to make, and determine how to leverage your presence with centers of influence to position the firm to receive quality referrals. 

Tell us how you are doing with your networking - especially over the next two months as exciting opportunities prsent themselves! 

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