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By Barbara Bix -

Right now, everyone is trying to increase sales.  That is, perhaps everyone but accountants who are "heads down" working on taxes.  Still, here's a book that you can recommend to your clients to help them get through tough economic times.

I suggest that anyone that is trying to attract more business consider getting Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden. Even though I'm a seasoned marketing consultant, my own copy is well-worn. 

I use it to guide sole proprietors who--turn to me for strategic counsel. That way, they can make the most of their marketing dollars by doing their own legwork.

Goal setting, accountability,and tools to facilitate action

The subtitle is "A 28-day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants"- -and that's exactly what it is.  In short, it's Weight Watchers for small businesses. 

My perspective on Weight Watchers is that this highly successful program recommends actions--such as healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness--that many of us already know will help us accomplish our goals.  Still, the program is a tremendous success because it requires participants to set goals, has a system for maintaining accountability,and provides tools to facilitate all the actions it recommends.

"Get Clients Now" does the same for professionals.  Readers set goals and milestones. Then, they choose actions from a menu of activities that Hayden recommends for achieving these goals.  The remainder of the book provides instructions for executing each of the actions.

After awhile, readers can just use the book as a reference guide.  Still, when they fall off the wagon, they can go back to the 28-day program, hold themselves accountable, and attract more business.  Just think of it as a marketing consultant in a box. 

Can it replace marketing consultants?  Probably not, but it does cover the basics.  And, many of us overlook the basics when the urgent supplants the important.

Good luck and good marketing!


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