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By Alex Vuchnich, CPA, CFE - I am a huge fan of cloud computing and web 2.0 applications. I thought I would take a moment to share some of the apps I use regularly along with a short description of each one. Many of these lean more towards personal use but there are several notable business applications as well.

Social Networking - Facebook - For sharing what I am up to with my friends and family I have migrated over to the current social networking site du jour. Aside from keeping everyone up-to-date, Facebook can import content from mman of my other web 2.0 applications which allows for one central place to share with everyone.

Business Networking - LinkedIn - When I am looking for referrals, professional advice, recruiting or just to connect with a work colleague that I have fallen out of touch with.

RSS News Aggregation - Google Reader - I track a lot of news sites, some specifically on accounting, software and technology and many others on my favorite hobbies. Every morning I open my Reader feed list and start the day with a cup of coffee and a concise reading list of the news that matters to me.

Bookmarking - Delicious - I travel a lot and that means many times I want to access my bookmarks from another PC. Delicious syncs all my bookmarks so I can access them online and also provides a means to share those with friends and coworkers so they can check out any of my interesting finds on the web.

Micro-blogging - Twitter - Although I am not much of a micro-blogger myself, there are numerous internet personalities that I like to keep up with daily. I receive "tweets" directly to my mobile phone on upcoming events, news and special offers.

Personal Finance - Mint - I spend all day working with numbers so I hate spending time on my on finances when my workday ends. Mint automatically updates and households all of my accounts and provides a dashboard view of my complete financial picture.

Financial Analysis - ProfitCents - When I need to evaluate a company or to get data on private companies I run an analysis through this business analytics tool (Full Disclosure - I am employed by the company that develops ProfitCents)

Media Sharing - Orb - For accessing all of my digital video, photos, musice and recorded TV when I am away from my home. It even can be configured to stream cable TV (think Slingbox).

Books - Goodreads - A great place to get book reviews, recommendations and find out what friends and like minded individuals are reading.

A few other apps:

Instant Messaging - Meebo
Notebook - Evernote
Calendar - Google Calendar
Internet Radio - LastFM
Whiteboard - Dabbleboard
News - Digg
Backup - Mozy

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