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The Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University is introducing a new Business Valuation Specialization for Master of Professional Accounting (MPAC) and Master of Science in Finance (MSF) students and a new Post Graduate Certificate of Business Valuation for professionals with a master's degree from an AACSB accredited school. This is the first program in the nation that focuses specifically on valuation and reporting of intangible assets.

Seattle University is responding to a rising demand for those skilled in valuing intangible assets, Business valuation has been overlooked by academia and these new programs at SU are the first to directly address the valuation of patents, trademarks, copyrights, brand recognition, and other intellectual property.

Speaking of students -
At the risk of making a sweeping stereotypical generalization about an entire generation, I have to ask – what is wrong with graduates today? At this time of year, I am occasionally contacted by students about to go into the working world who have somehow decided they have an interest in business valuation. As one eager young man told me – “it sounds like it would be more fun than regular accounting.”

I always try to respond with some information about BV, designations, anything on the job market that I think will help. But almost without exception, I never get a thank you from the twenty somethings. If an older person contacts me looking for a career change, I always get a email or sometimes even a handwritten thank you note but not from the newly minted graduates. I can’t imagine how someone who didn’t show the common courtesy to express some gratitude could get hired. I am getting off my soapbox now but – please, if you are a new graduate and someone helped you with your job search – say thank you.


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