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Ross, a friend, and life coach-in-training, just called to say that he will be submitting my case study to his superiors next week for final review and he wanted to know if his (pro bono) coaching was to any benefit. I told him once that our discussions over the last several months did make me stop and seriously address a long held, but un-acted upon idea of a career change. (You know, we all talk about changing careers but until someone else gets it in their teeth that they are going to help you decide one way or another, well, you really just haven't.) You see, the thing is, Ross is trying to make a career change, too. He's been the same thing for 25 years and, of late, looking for another more fulfilling source of, as he calls it, revenue stream. So, awhile back, hoping that he can coach others for profit, he bought an on-line coach-in-a-box kit which holds out, upon satisfactory completion and after the final fee payment, the possibility of the ordination of a certification recognized by others so ordained. And that is precisely what Ross is trying to do, pass muster, and if he does, he will have succeeded in using Davy-boy here as his spring board to economic freedom and, perhaps, the permanent abandonment of his current revenue stream: accounting. But where does that leave dear, poor Davy-boy? Will he, after being tossed about by the mean currents of failed dreams finally be washed up upon the banks of dashed hopes, wadded up like a soggy dollar bill? Is his fate to be like the liver of that guy which gets eaten out by that bird, which grows back to be eaten again and again? And in the end, will the world of career-changers come looking for Davy-boy just to stand on his neck in order to exchange one lousy career for another? Oh, my! Oh, woe is me, is this my new career path?


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