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One of the interesting things I learned about last week at the Association for Accoutning Marketing (AAM) Conference was the term Net Promoter Score- NPS. The NPS measures how likely a client is to refer  or recommend you to a business colleague or friend.

Every firm's clients fall into three basic buckets; loyalists, detractors  and passives. One of your  important tasks is to continue to cultivate and nurture your loyalists while turning passives into raving fans by mving them from satisfied but unenthusiastic to become the type of clients who are willing to speak on your behalf  You can accomplish this most easily by understanding as much as possible about these clients. At a minimum, you should be finding out (1) if they think it is easy to do business with your firm and (2) if you add value to their business. 

When you assume a disciplined approach to asking these two critical questions, and you are prepared to respond to the answers, you are on your way to turning the  satisfied passive client who is always vulnerable to a loyal client who is happy to be one of your key promoters!


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