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As promised, I will periodically share some of the great ideas that popped up throughout the annual  Association for Accounting Marketing Conference held this year in June. For those firms (with or without marketing professionals on staff) that want to enhance their name and reputation, you can try these: 

1. Remind every employee about the range of services you offer (don't assume everyone really knows all that you do!)

2. Use hand written notes occasionally. (To take a break from the barrage of e-mails typically sent to clients)

3. Leverage the firm's events by posting them on community bulletin boards or including in local newspaper calendars. (These are free and can help you gain some additional coverage.)

4. When speaking to clients,  don't be afraid to ask for referrals. (You may find that most clients want to help you!)

5. Offer CPE programs to help attract CFOs  - whether existing clients, prospects or even alumni.

6. When a referral source has sent quality leads to your firm,  consider making a donation to his/her favorite charity. 

I hope these ideas are useful for you. I wil continue to share more sound bites with you in the months ahead. If you have questions, please ask!

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