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This summer's Association for Accounting Marketing conference was loaded with information that can be of use to every CPA firm of any size. I have enjoyed sharing some of the ideas that generated during the program.

During the concluding session, "60 Ideas in 60 MInutes" , several interesting trends were revealed that should be important to you regarding your communication style. Herer are some interesting facts:

1. Mobile devices are evolving rapidly into handheld networked computers and as a result smartphone growth is expected to increase 25% a year until 2014. Question: How are you using this information to reach out to your clients?

2. By 2014, more people will use smartphones to access the Internet that desk top computers. Question: With clients reading about your firm on smart phone screens - are you rethinking your communication channels? Downloading websites may not be efficient, but apps, Twitter and other "short" messages may be more effective and compelling via smartphones.  

3. Explosive growth in social media is changing the way business owners are connecting to, and collaborating with, service providers like you,as well as with employees and customers. Question: Are you developing the tools you need to communicate with clients in the way that they prefer, now and tomorrow?

4. It is estimated that by 2014 social networking services may replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal sommunications for at least 20% of business users.  Question: If clients think e-mail messages are too slow and the process is outdated, are you preparing to and position the firm to be ready to communicate with them through other avenues?

Peeking into the future is always tough, but you need to be ready to consider the implications of technology for the way you are communicating in a new business environment.  What are you doing at your firm? Share some ideas!

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