More From AAM - Clients Are Changing (What a Surprise!)

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Hi folks: Before I head out of town for a week's vacaton I wanted to share one more idea that generated at this year's Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Conference. The point raised during the session, "Inside Buyer's Brains," was that the over 50 year old and under 50 year old business owners have very different leadership styles, different values and different ways of making decisions.  As the "Web2.0 generation" assumes ownership of family businesses or begin to launch their own companies, we all need to be aware of the changing needs and view points of our targeted audience. 

The more questions you ask and the more knowledge you can gather about your clients and prospects, the more likely you are to be accurate in the way you deliver suggestions and solutions. Take the time to meet (face to face when possible) and assess concerns, changing issues and new trends with all the generations.who are involved in the business.

I heard someone say, "You should know your client so well you can guess what kind of refrigerator magnet they have." Do you feel comfortable that you have attained that level of camaraderie or intimacy with your best clients? if not - think about the importance of having this type of bond and how you can  achieve it through continued relevant communication, sincere concern, probing and questioning, listening and delivering on your promises.

Any comments? Would love to hear from you. Have a great week and a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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